Manor complex

Väätsa Manor is a one-storeyed building with a high arched basement dating back to the year 1800.
Its corners have original round angles with a step backwards – in its general impression it is Classicistic but with several Baroque elements. The same style has been implemented in the building of the barn complex as well. In front of the front door there is a wide stairway with a terrace. The back facade has an open balcony which gaps of the triple window are decorated with the half columns.
The exquisite columnisation is also seen in the manor hall. The Classicistic hall with Ionian-style columns is the most outstanding part of the building. A broad cornice with an intricate shape decorates the ceiling of the hall. In many main floor rooms there are the extensive ceiling and wall paintings.

The Baroque style park (French formal garden or jardin à la française) is situated next to the main building and it is embellished with the different planes, which are designed with terraces (presumably from the 18th century), a beautiful ring-shaped pond with an island and an arbour on it, and with the preserved slate wall of the old cellar. The stable-carriage house, the barn complex and the shed-creamery of the former manor complex have been conserved. The distillery, the shed-drier, the smithy, the laundry, and the mill have gone to rack and ruin or they have been completely rebuilt.