Main floor

Big hall –

the room accommodates up to 140 people. There are two beautiful columns in one end of the hall which adds festivity and
magnificence to the room. The hall is suitable for festive occasions and conferences. There is a white grand piano Estonia in the hall which has a very good acoustics.

Balcony hall –

the door from the small hall leads to the open balcony – hence the name of the room. The balcony hall accommodates 40 people. The beautiful hall with the half columns is wide and full of light. The hall is suitable for chamber concerts, seminars, trainings, banquettes, receptions, and different celebrations.
Direct connection with the big hall.

Conference room –

the room accommodates 30 people. The room with the big table is first and foremost suitable for holding meetings, seminars, etc.


Reading room –

 room for small groups. The room accommodates 15 people.


Classroom – school music class, suitable for artists to prepare.